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Who we are

Profit with Purpose

We empower local communities through shared abundance and clean extraction

Why Gold?

Gold is universal across geographies and civilizations since the end of time. To date it has gained 500% over the past 23 years, and 5000% over the past 53 years.

Gold Beyond Borders

  • 100% Gold Ownership

    Our flagship product, GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token) is a digital certificate of gold ownership that is 100% backed by physical gold and pegged to the international spot price of gold.

  • Buy gold from as low as 5c

    GIFT is highly affordable 1 GIFT=1mg of Gold (equivalent $6cts), easily accessible and available to anyone with a mobile phone on Utribe Wallet, our trusted, robust investment platform, combined with dynamic social commerce functionalities.

  • Exchangeable, trusted and secure from your mobile

    Ubuntu Tribe removes barriers to access secure investments. We facilitate trade, growth and shared prosperity through seamless finance and smart trade, making it easier for anyone to buy, sell, trade, get returns or redeem (in physical gold) their GIFT —all you need is a mobile phone.

why Choose us

Investments You Can Trust

Your gold is safe, available, and transferable at any time.

Highly Secured

Your gold is stored in regulated, highly secured and independent vaults located in Switzerland, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, and Denmark.

Proof of

Proof of Reserves from trusted and reputable institutions, available to the public 24/7.

Aligned with International Regulation Standards

Gold is approved according to LBMA standards. Ubuntu Tribe follows the directives of digital asset regulation standards.

Insured and Audited by Top Institutions

Ubuntu Tribe is audited by international standards, meeting requirements of top-tier Insurance companies.

Gold Supply Chain Transparency

Track n Trace by Ubuntu Tribe provides real-time gold logistics and supply chain transparency. This is publicly accessible 24/7.

100% Redeemable 24/7

Customers can claim their physical gold , to be shipped at any time to their preferred location.