Africa House Summit Davos 2024 Creative Industries Africa: The Creative Cradle – Powered by Ubuntu Tribe

Tune in to CNBC Africa later for the Africa House Summit at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2024.

One of the panel themes focuses on Africa’s talents, titled: “Are Creative Industries Africa’s Secret Weapon?” This panel aims to delve into Africa’s robust creative talent, widely acknowledged as a force on the global stage. Thanks to newfound opportunities and unparalleled innovation, African artists and innovators are boldly asserting their pivotal role in shaping the artistic landscape.

Distinguished panelists include:

Ozwald Boateng, CEO, House of Boateng
Kweku Mandela, Creative Director and Chief Vision Officer of Global Citizen
Adebola Williams, Chairman, Red Wave Media Group, Founding Member of Africa House
Hon. Hannatu Musawa, Minister of Art, Culture & Creative Economy, Nigeria
Thebe Ikalafeng, Founder, Brand Africa

The Africa House Summit, powered by Ubuntu Tribe and broadcasted through CNBC Africa in collaboration with Forbes Africa, is conducted in partnership with the World Indigenous Forum, B10, and YesWeTrust.

Africa House is a global initiative highlighting promising opportunities emerging on the continent, fostering a community of interest and transforming it into a dynamic community of action.

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