Ubuntu Tribe

Who we are, what we stand for

Together we rise!

The world has changed. A new holistic decentralized economic system needs to emerge: a system based on abundance and not scarcity, on transparency and not deceit. We need a world fueled by the power of love and not by the love of power. A world enhanced by collaboration and not competition. A world fueled by shared knowledge and not by orchestrated ignorance. A world of interconnection and not exclusion, of unity and not division, of solidarity and not individualism. A world for our children… And a world for humanity, filled with humanity.

I am because we are.

Our Vision

is to provide equal access to opportunity to ALL, regardless of wealth at birth or place of birth, through financial freedom and interconnected humanity, by responsibly harvesting the resources of Mother Earth.

Our Mission

Is to provide everyone in the world Safe & Regulated investment products, pegged to gold price, and 100% backed by gold

A World-class Team

Ubuntu Tribe attracted a global team and advisory board with solid expertise.
The team consists of members from multiple nationalities from all corners of the globe
with more than 90 years combined experience in gold trading and mining,
70 years in IT, 50 years in blockchain and 60 years in multimedia. 

Our impact-driven model

We promote fair, ethical and sustainable mining extraction.
We believe in uplifting the collective, which is why we sow back 10% of
GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token) transaction fees to social impact initiatives.
We aim to empower local mining communities by supplying win-win
financing mechanisms to artisanal and small-scale mining communities. 
With our unique mercury free gold yield-enhancing technology,
we will improve suppliers’ production by a minimum of 15% and protect the environment.


We ethically source and digitize gold by issuing our digital gold certificate,
GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token). Our coin is 100% backed by gold and pegged to the gold price.
It enables everyone to own and transact digital gold in a swift, convenient and safe manner. 
Our revenue is generated from GIFT transaction fees, a portion of which is redistributed back into
the mining communities to support healthcare and education.


GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token) is digitalized gold. Unarguably, gold is a recognized solid investment in all economic climates and even more so during challenging macroeconomic conditions. Gold has been a prime store of value throughout human history and across civilizations.
Gold has increased in value 50% in the past 2 years, 500% over the past 20 years, 5000% since 1971.
It is still affordable and a proven, secure, and safe investment opportunity. GIFT offers a modern way to own gold.
You can redeem GIFT and claim your physical gold at any time to be shipped to your location. We have taken extra care to ensure your gold is safe, insured, refined, audited and stored securely around the world through our laser tagging technology and our partnerships with world class insurance, logistics and audit firms. 

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