Ubuntu Means I Am Because We Are.

Our company the Ubuntu Tribe in reference to the human tribe that you, us, them and all of us on this planet that we belong to and have in common.

Welcome to Ubuntu Tribe

Regardless of geographies, civilizations and time gold is the only metal that has carried great value across human history. We are building an ecosystem that will be owned, developed and governed by the Ubuntu Tribe global community. It is a platform to connect, transact and grow business and wealth based on real value, distributed fairly powered by the respect of our environment.

Features and Benefits

Why Choose Utribe Wallet:


Directly access GIFT to monitor and manage your digital gold.


Strong encryption and authentication protocols safeguard your assets.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere:

Operate on the go with your mobile device.

Our Impact Driven Model

We promote fair, ethical and sustainable mining extraction.

We aim to empower local mining communities by supplying win-win financing mechanisms to artisanal and small-scale mining communities.

We believe in uplifting the collective, which is why we sow back 10% of G.I.F.T (Gold International Fungible Token) transaction fees to social impact initiatives.

With our unique mercury free gold yield-enhancing technology, we will improve suppliers’ production and protect the environment.

The Problem

Our team of investment professionals is dedicated to helping you navigate the markets and make informed investment decisions.

Financial Inclusion

1.7 Billion Adults are still unbanked globally, yet 1 Billion of unbanked adults have a mobile phone.

Debt & Poverty Traps

$1 Trillion of debt is held by US Millennials. 99% of global wealth held by 1% of the population.

Access To Essential Services

$52.8 Billion is spent every year on fees for cross-border remittance.

The Solution

GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token) enables value creation, and preservation at your fingertips, at any time from anywhere.

Access To Global Economy

Mobile Money & Investment On-the-Go. Access to a ubiquitous mobile wallet for a secure store of value.

Wealth Creation

Investment & Savings Backed by Gold Access to tradeable, regulated asset (gold) via digital exchange.

Financial Freedom

Real reliable investment to secure Essential Services & Empowerment Tools in your palm

Why Gold?

Gold Is Universal Across Geographies And Civilizations Since The End Of Time. To Date It Has Gained 500% Over The Past 23 Years, And 5000% Over The Past 53 Years.

Earn way more on your savings in Digital Gold

Facing Currency Fluctuations And Inflation Risk? Reserve A Proportion Of Your Wealth In Gold With GIFT And Take Advantage Of The Stable Value Of Gold.
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