GODL - the digital secure stablecoin backed by gold


GODL the Digital GOLD

Ubuntu Tribe supports artisanal mining with mercury-free extraction technology. Our unique technology stack supports responsible resource extraction and enables traceability on a physical and digital level.

  • We provide artisanal miners with mercury-free mining technology
  • Qualification and certification of miners, mines and all partner in the ecosystem
  • Sustainable mining and environment protection
  • Heat-map of gold supply
  • Big data analysis of working conditions and environmental impact
  • More gold extraction due to sensors in the mining separator’s

The Physical Journey of Gold

Identification of miners

  • Assigning of unique ID mines and miners
  • Register sourced Gold
  • Brinks verification
  • Proof and sourcing informations added on the blockchain

The Digital Journey of Gold

Supplier Miner registration

  • Mines and artisanal miners registration
  • KYC (ID checks)
  • Continuous inquiries about working conditions and environmental impact
  • Unique identifier digital blockchain ID creation
  • User wallet setup for payments/signatures


  • Supply source verification
  • Measurings on gold
  • Proof of record added to blockchain
  • Gold refined to 999 purity 1 kg bars
  • Bars market with Laser QR-Code
  • Gold/Refinery certificate
  • Data recorded on blockchain


  • Geolocation tracking
  • Continious tracking
  • Insurance documents
  • Transport documents
  • TAX reports, export/import regulations


  • Proof of vaulting reports
  • Multisign gold arrival
  • Measurings on gold
  • Proof of record added to blockchain
  • Gold refined to 1 kg bars
  • Geolocation records storen on blockchain
  • Local proof and sourcing informations added to the record

Tokenization / GODL issuance

  • Vaulting and issuance dashboards
  • Multisigne coin creation
  • Issuance on diffrent blockchains
    • Ethereum
    • Cosmos
  • Track and trace reports

Visit Vaulting Dashboard

Frequently asked questions

Special mining equipment with sensors that can extract more gold than the traditional mercury procedure.

Imutable Laser Tagging on Gold bars. The bars will be branded with Ubuntu Tribe and a QR-Code to verify the source and journey of the gold.

Ubuntu Tribe together we rise!

"Thanks to the transparent system I get always payd accordingly"
Hilary Leigh
Artisanal Miner
"Its greate to see the journey of the gold and from where it was mined"
Hall Read