GIFT - Gold International Fungible Token

Reserve, Trade and Build With GIFT

GIFT stands for Gold International Fungible Token. It is a digital certificate of gold ownership, backed 1:1 by physical gold and 1 GIFT is equivalent to 1mg of Gold and available from as low as 6c.

GIFT stands for Gold International Fungible Token.


The underlying gold is insured, audited and stored in highly secured private vaults around the world (UAE, Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands and Denmark).

GIFT Is Redeemable

In physical gold for a minimum redemption of 10grams.

Key Features

GIFT is backed by 100% physical gold and securely stored in vaults across Switzerland, UAE, The Netherlands, Singapore, and Denmark.

Proof of Reserves is available 24/7.

Gold supply transparency is accessible via our Track n Trace Platform.

GIFT is refined, insured, and audited for consumer protection.

Why Choose GIFT:

  • Participate from as low as 6c anytime anywhere with your mobile phone 
  • Create a savings plan from an asset that historically appreciated by 500% per year on average over 20 years and watch your investments grow 
  • Protect your wealth against inflation  
  • Participate in cross border trades, purchase of goods and services with millions of merchants worldwide 
  • Gift your family and friends the power of GIFT through remittances, and enjoy fast reliable, cost-effective transactions  
  • Redeemable your GIFT for physical gold for a minimum redemption of 10grams.
  • Buy GIFT using Credit Card. Payments in USDC.

Purchase GIFT Today

We financially empower communities and individuals to reach their full potential.

  • Direct access to Buy GIFT
  • Send and Receive GIFT for low fee remittances
  • Cash Out in local currency. Redeem in physical gold or streaming services
  • Refer a friend for discount rewards
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