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An ecosystem powered by digital Gold -> GODL

UTribe.One is a digital trade, commerce and payment platform backed by gold. Our ecosystem participants connect, create, invest and exchange value with the ultimate aim of wealth distribution and financial empowerment.

An ecosystem platform providing the tools for value creation, realisation and conservation at the fingertips, through mobile connectivity.


Our Products


  • 100% gold backed coin
  • Secured in top tier vaults across the globe (UAE, Switzerland, Singapore)
  • Insured by market leaders

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  • Track and trace supply chain for gold & minerals
  • Transparent sourcing from ground to vault
  • Ecosystem approach, all participants are integrated into supply process flows
  • Issuance of GODL coins (multi chain approach) currently supporting Ethereum
    (in development Cardano, Algorand and Polkadot)

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  • Secure wallet
    non custodial MPC (multi party computation), or self custody
  • Mobile money integration
  • Support for GODL, BTC, ETH
    (and other major coins in development)
  • Transfer, payments and saving-plans

Wallet – coming soon read more

  • P2P marketplace for goods and services
  • NFT’s capable
  • Integrated with Threefold and digital Twin

Marketplace- coming soon

  • DeFi connector
  • Fiat on-off-ramp
  • Lending / borrowing and interest programms

Exchange – coming soon

  • Academy platform
  • Student management and certifications (on blockchain)
  • Teacher subscription and course management

Academy- coming soon