Unique Track and Trace Technology for Digital Minerals Supply Chain

UTribe built a blockchain powered track and trace solution for minerals in particular gold. The system is modullary designed and very flexible to cover all kind of process flows within a supply chain. We have choosen an ecosystem approch, meaning every business partner is part of the platform and can directly contribute to the process.

GODL Dashboard

Explore our public GODL dashboard, see where gold is vaulted and from where it was mined

Public GODL Explorer

Track and trace supply management software

Unique plarform to track minerals

Our software was built from ground up to fullfill all aspects in gold’s livecycle and to support sustainable mining.
Our unique software stack is using the newest technologies like

  • Blockchain
  • Digital signatures
  • Ecosystem platform approach with integration of all partners involved
  • Big data analytics
  • Transparent and auditable  reports and dashboards
  • Integrated payments and community reward system

How it works

All participants are onboarded to the platform. Depending on the security and traceability level we do KYC (Passport checks) for digital signatures with the peopels. Once a partner is onboarded he can act with the assigned roles on the platform.

All process flows are transparent with all recorded data. UTribe’s gold desk task force are observing the processes and interact wherever it is needed.

Participants in the supply chain

  • Artisanal Miners
  • Melters
  • Transport companies
  • Insurance
  • Refinery
  • Vaults

Roles in the supply chain

  • Artisanal miners
    • Register as supplier
    • Order of DNA spray
    • Register extracted minerals
    • Fills anonymus work condition questionairs
  • Logistic partner transport
    • Provide transport documents
    • Tracking informations 3rd party systems (transport)
  • Insurance
    • Insurance documents
    • Validity overview
  • Refinery
    • DNA readout and record in blockchain
    • certificate of the refined bar with all the origine informations
    • Apply of new DNA spray
  • Vaults
    • Vaulting signature (Multi-Sign)
    • Proof of store and record to blockchain
    • Audit reports

Impressions of our Gold Sourcing Backend