GIFT - Gold International Fungible Token

Reserve, Trade and Build With GIFT

Use GIFT as your gateway to a stable and dependable digital economy, where your assets are firmly anchored to the enduring value of gold. 

GIFT stands for Gold International Fungible Token.

It is a digital certificate of gold ownership,

It is backed 1:1 by LBMA Gold standard of 999.5 purity physical gold,

Each token represents 0.001g of gold priced live at market value

Why Choose GIFT: (customer benefits)

  • Participate from as low as $6cents anytime anywhere with your mobile phone 
  • Create a savings plan from an asset that historically appreciated by 500% per year on average over 20 years and watch your investments grow 
  • Protect your wealth against inflation  
  • Participate in cross border trades, purchase of goods and services with millions of merchants worldwide 
  • Gift your family and friends the power of GIFT through remittances, and enjoy fast reliable, cost-effective transactions  
  • Redeemable your GIFT for physical gold for a minimum redemption of 10g; in fiat for any redemption amount underneath 10g. 
  • Buy GIFT using Credit Card purchases, Payments in USDC/USDT , Payment Options from Partners (credit card, mobile money payments, vouchers, swapping) Direct Swapping via Liquidity Pools (UniSwap V3, PancackeSwap, and more) 

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