Why Gold Outshines: A Timeless Store of Value Outperforming USD and Stablecoins

Explore why gold consistently outperforms the USD Index and stablecoins, preserving value and offering stability through centuries of economic change.

Why save in Gold?

Gold has always been valued by all civilisations for thousands of years and it is still accepted today as a store of value.

It has gained 500% over the past 20 years, and 5000% over the past 50 years.

Gold used to be the financial backbone of the monetary system and still today, all central banks and banks keep gold reserves as a safe haven.

All finance and investment experts consider gold as a safe haven in times of crisis or economic inflation.

Tokenization of Real World Assets

Why is it important? We explain the benefits of tokenized real world assets.

Gold As Store Of Value and How It Compares in The Market

Gold has past the test of time for centuries, Is less volatile than BTC And is globally accepted while dollar is now being contested.

Gold value greater against oil one century later

 In 1900 to get a barrel of oil it would cost 1.8 grams of Gold, whereas in 2020 it would cost me .72 grams for the same barrel of oil.
One century later, with the same gram of gold, I get almost three times more oil vs 40 times less oil with the same dollar.

Gold held its value against the dollar

One century You need for the same house you need 80 times more dollar, you need 20% less gold.

Gold: The Strong Foundation of Central Banks

A fascinating aspect of gold’s enduring value is its comparison with other commodities. One striking example is its relationship with oil. In 1900, acquiring a barrel of oil required 1.8 grams of gold. Fast forward to 2020, and the same barrel of oil could be obtained with a mere 0.72 grams of gold. This remarkable contrast illustrates gold’s superior purchasing power over time, making it a more stable measure of value than traditional currencies.

Conclusion: Why Gold?

Finance doesn’t have to be complicated, gold stands tall as a symbol of stability, growth, and enduring value. Its rich historical significance, coupled with its impressive growth rates and resilience, make it an essential component of any diversified investment portfolio. In our fast-changing money world, gold stays valuable and safe. People who want to keep their money safe for a long time and make a lot of profit choose gold. Its appeal never goes away, making it a secure choice for investors.
Gold has been important for a very long time, and this shows it will be important in the future too. It proves that gold will keep being a safe and valuable choice for money and investments, making people financially secure and prosperous.

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