Gold Journey

Our company the Ubuntu Tribe in reference to the human tribe that you, us, them and all of us on this planet that we belong to and have in common. 

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1.Gold Sourcing: We obtain gold from three sources – the LBMA International market, artisanal mines and gold dealers, and recycled gold.

Track and Trace of gold from ground to vauly 

2. Vaulting: The refined gold is stored securely in our va Audit and Transparency: Audits are conducted to ensure transparency, and audit reports are made accessible to the public.

3. GIFT Token Issuance: GIFT tokens are created, backed by physical gold, and priced based on the daily LBMA gold price with a premium and an initial transaction fee.

4. Tokenized gold is issued on the blockchain. Currently available on Ethereum and later on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain  

Conclusion: Why Gold?

Finance doesn’t have to be complicated, gold stands tall as a symbol of stability, growth, and enduring value. Its rich historical significance, coupled with its impressive growth rates and resilience, make it an essential component of any diversified investment portfolio. In our fast-changing money world, gold stays valuable and safe. People who want to keep their money safe for a long time and make a lot of profit choose gold. Its appeal never goes away, making it a secure choice for investors.
Gold has been important for a very long time, and this shows it will be important in the future too. It proves that gold will keep being a safe and valuable choice for money and investments, making people financially secure and prosperous.

Utribe Wallet

We financially empower communities and individuals to reach their full potential.

  • Direct access to Buy GIFT
  • Send and Receive GIFT for low fee remittances
  • Cash Out in local currency. Redeem in physical gold or streaming services
  • Refer a friend for discount rewards
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