Harness The Power Of Gold Digitally: The Future Of Financial Security

Are you an entrepreneur, investor or a citizen in Sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia? Are you battling the uncertainties of inflation, currency devaluation, or the volatility of the global economy? If so, it’s time to rethink how you protect and grow your wealth.  

Your business should be more than just surviving – it should be thriving. And for that, you need a reliable store of value that can withstand economic turbulence and market corrections. Traditional credit-backed currencies can be vulnerable to these challenges, leaving your hard-earned wealth at risk.
Gold as saving


Because gold holds its value over time, is universally trusted, and sidesteps the unpredictability of exchange rates. Its value remains stable rather than declining over time and this is why gold is deemed as a useful hedge against inflation. Where inflation pushes down the value of currencies, gold is not subject to the same downwards pressure.

Here's Why This Is a Gamechanger:

Our team of investment professionals is dedicated to helping you navigate the markets and make informed investment decisions.

Stability and Trust:

1.7 Billion Adults are still unbanked globally, yet 1 Billion of unbanked adults have a mobile phone.

Protection Against Inflation

$1 Trillion of debt is held by US Millennials. 99% of global wealth held by 1% of the population.

Resilience in Times of Crisis

Gold provides much-needed liquidity during economic unrest when other markets may freeze. 

Attracting Investors

Having a store of value in gold not only ensures your financial stability but also makes your business more attractive to investors. 

Independence From Financial Institutions

Your gold asset is not tied to any bank or credit institution, giving you complete control. 

of Assets

Gold offers a means of diversifying your asset portfolio, striking a balance between risk and potential returns.

Why Gold?

So, Whether You’re Looking To Protect Your Wealth, Grow Your Business, Or Just Want A More Stable Store Of Value, Our 100% Physical Gold Digital Asset, GIFT Can Help You Succeed. It’s Time To Gold-Proof Your Future.

Gold as saving

GIFT by Ubuntu Tribe is backed by 100% real gold and is valued at the spot is a verified digital certificate of gold ownership. When purchased through the GIFT Dapp or The Utribe One Wallet, you can hold your GIFT as a store of value over time.

GIFT is backed by 100% physical gold and securely stored in vaults across Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Singapore, and Denmark.

Proof of Reserves is available 24/7.

Gold supply transparency is accessible via our Track n Trace Platform.

GIFT is refined, insured, and audited for consumer protection.

Equal Access to Opportunities

Embrace the future of financial security with GIFT, where your wealth is as solid as gold. 

GIFT Token Image
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