Accra 2019

Accra 2019 ( Central Africa Mining Conférence)

During the West & Central Africa Mining Conférence (WACA Mining) in Accra (October 2019) Mamadou Toure had the opportunity to engage an audience of high profile Mining professionals, investors, and regulators. It felt a bit like the movie « Encounter of the third kind » in a scene where a fintech from 4th Industrial Revolution meets the bulldozers of the 1st Industrial Revolution and jointly reach that sparkling climax upon realizing that together they could change the world. That very « ha ha » moment after his speech was priceless, one of those moments where you feel that people are now finally starting to grasp the magnitude of what is at stake. The auditorium suddenly looked like a blooming flower opening up to infinite horizons of hope, shared prosperity and enlightenment.

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