Africa House Summit Davos 2024 Sustainability & Inclusion: Together, We Rise! – Powered by Ubuntu Tribe

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024, saw the 3rd Annual Africa House Summit powered by Ubuntu Tribe was broadcast by CNBC Africa in partnership with Forbes Africa at the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland.

In line with Africa House mission to build a global platform for Africa’s visionary leaders to voice and promote African talent.

Over 1000 attendees were recorded up until the Ubuntu Africa Night, an after party featuring the best of Africa’s music and entertainment.

The Sustainability Panel focused on innovative approaches to integrate sustainable practices with inclusive growth was introduced and moderated by Melissa Sequeira, Chief Marketing Officer, Ubuntu Tribe.

Ndidi Nwuneli, Founder and Executive Chair, African Food Changemakers, whose expertise lies in driving sustainable change within the continent’s agricultural sector. She is known to have referenced Nigerian agriculture as its ‘new gold.’ She was quoted, “our food is our GIFT to the world, just like our music, and our fashion, so changing that narrative, and driving demand for proudly African food, so we’re creating an emoji, so whenever you’re looking for your next chocolate bar in Switzerland, look for that emoji that says made in Africa, sourced in Africa.”

Amal Eman, Partner 500Global VC Fund, MENA and Senior Advisor on COP27, World Resources Institute, is a key player in shaping sustainability initiatives globally focused on reducing Africa’s risk premium across sovereign wealth funds across the continent and major economies Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt.

Dr. Tatiana Kazakova Tarnowski, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Leaders on Purpose, brought the influence of AI and Emerging Technologies on the Global Economy, on how to make intelligent decisions and creating with intent.

The heart of the panel focused on the perceptions and drive global demand for proudly African food, involving the creation of an emoji/sticker representing “made in Africa” to be used for commonly sourced products from the continent such as okra, cola beans where Coca-cola derives its name from and cocoa sourced for Swiss brand chocolate The emphasis is on changing the single-story narrative and fostering recognition globally.

This leads to the responsibility of proving Africa’s capability in taking risks and shaping its economic future, including mobilizing local capital from pension funds and sovereign wealth funds across the continent, with a specific focus on key markets like Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt that Amal heralded in her work. Dr Tatiana discussed the associated risks of outdated economic models that have been in place for 50 to 60 years and how AI can help to leverage new forms of intelligent and dynamic decision making in leadership..

In summary, Africa is not just adapting to change but actively shaping a future that aligns with its vision and aspirations.

Africa House is committed to creating a platform that mirrors the diverse voices and talents present across the continent, beginning with its forward-thinking leaders.

Together, we rise.

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