Africa House Summit Davos 2024 Leading Innovation: Blockchain, AI, and Tokenization – Powered by Ubuntu Tribe

January 17, 2024 – The Africa House Summit powered by Ubuntu Tribe and broadcast by CNBC Africa, in partnership with Forbes Africa celebrated its 3rd annual event at the World Economic Forum, Davos Switzerland.

The Summit’s Technology panel titled, “Leading Innovation: Blockchain, AI, and Tokenization,” was graced by global experts on leapfrog technology to bring Africa ahead on the world stage.

The panel moderated by award-winning financial journalist and CNBC News Anchor Kenneth Igbomor introduced the esteemed panelists

Dr. Iqbal Surve, Chairman of Sekunjalo Investments, highlighted the importance of initiatives to generate labor demand particularly the youth to address the challenge of unemployment in South Africa.

Will Adams of MatterFi, a Senior Advisor at Pilotage AG, with vast experience in Capital Markets discussed tokenisation of mineral resources such as gold to promote sustainable growth on the continent.

Michelle Chivunga, CEO and Founder of Global Policy House, a black female led FinTech, leading expert in international blockchain, policy and advocacy, has made impactful contributions to several African Union governments, the United Nations, and the World Trade Organization. She shared insights on how AI has the potential to revolutionize various sectors within African economies, emphasizing its role in value retention.

Joined by Professor Vukosi Marivate, Co-Founder of Lelapa AI, known for his endeavors to develop natural language processing resources and new tools for South African languages, emphasized young talent in Africa being called to foreign economies who do not have the birth rate to sustain future AI ecosystems.

and Karel Janeček, Founder and Chairman of Institute H21, renowned mathematician and advocate for anti-corruption spoke about the importance of governance systems to provide direct participation and democratic voting integrity

The overarching theme was the transformative power of Ai while revolutionizing various sectors within African economies

The panel explored the often-overlooked aspect of utility in tokenization, emphasizing the need to understand its practical implications. In reference and example of GIFT (Gold International Fungible Token) by Ubuntu Tribe how a gold token backed 1:1 by hard backed asset, acts as a store of value, where one milligram of gold is tied to the spot price of gold, currently valued at around six and a half cents.

In conclusion, The Technology to Leapfrog panel highlighted the significance of raising the next wave of talent critical for sustaining global AI ecosystems and the delicate balance of retaining talent in Africa against the international demand for such resource.

Africa House is dedicated to building a platform that reflects the varied voices and talents found across the continent starting with its visionary leaders.

Together, we rise.

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