Ubuntu Tribe Featured on KBC Digital on Pioneering East African Investment Opportunities In The Region

Honorable Francis Kuria Kimani, Chairman of Finance in Kenya, who is advancing economic opportunities in the sector in development of the virtual assets bill, highlighted the country’s leadership in adoption of Fintech such as M-PESA. Honorable. Charles Hinga, Principal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development noted the rise in youth employment and social infrastructural needs. Melissa Sequeira, Head of Marketing, Ubuntu Tribe, noted the importance of moving into tokenization of underground resources and the $100 trillion capital value it brings for the African economy, “We are starting to do this with gold and the introduction of Gold International Fungible Token.’’ By removing barriers and creating equal access to opportunities for investors in the region, one GIFT (Gold International Gold Fungible Token) backed 1:1 with physical gold is equal to 1 mg, and affordable from 6c or as low as 10 Kenyan shillings.  

This event earmarked the unveiling of GIFT and Utribe Wallet by Ubuntu Tribe and the capital opportunity that tokenization of resource and assets brings to Africa. 

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