All Africa: Ubuntu Tribe Finalist at The 2018 African Banker Awards in Busan (South Korea)

Ubuntu Tribe was a proud finalist for Innovation in Banking category at ‘The African Banker Awards 2018’. It’s the first time indeed that crypto and blockchain technology in general even gets considered for such a prestigious competition, as Ubuntu Tribe is paving the way for the digital transformation of the continent.

“It’s a great honor to be runner up for the Award for Innovation in Banking at this year’s African Banker Awards Ceremony”, said Mr. Touré. “Implementing innovative solutions to uplift African citizens is our priority. This award is a testament to Ubuntu Tribe’s growing efforts, our strong focus on innovation and technology has paid off. Our passionate team will continue delivering world-class solutions to support Africa’s 2 billion unbanked or under-banked population. Africa was a global pioneer with mobile banking and might as well again play a leading global role in leapfrogging through blockchain and digital currencies to accelerate financial inclusion.

Ubuntu Tribe is the world’s first digital currency designed for the Afro-Descendant community. This crypto currency enables to transact and record both financial and non-financial value. Using their mobile apps and internet devices, owners of U-Coins are able to transact or send money anywhere in the world instantly. U-Coin was designed by Ubuntu Capital Group in partnership with Africa 2.0 and The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG), the world’s leading think tank on the movement of value. As such, U-Coin is backed by proprietary financial and non-financial metrics which underpin global legislation and have become internationally recognized as a standard.

U-Coin was designed to synergistically unite the purchasing power of the global Afro-descendant community. Ubuntu Tribe delivers the services which address the most critical inefficiencies of the global Afro-descendant community – building wealth, retaining wealth and recycling wealth. Ubuntu Tribe is uniquely positioned to tap into the global Afro-descendant community which is representative of a population of 1.4 billion people and a 4 trillion-dollar economy. Ubuntu Tribe hones in on the African market in particular to leverage rare resources for asset backed coin development.

Ubuntu Tribe was selected as proud runner up (behind the Award winner, Ecobank Group) in the category Innovation in Banking,  by a high profile selection of judges with an in-depth knowledge of the African and global banking and finance sector. The judges identified Ubuntu Tribe’s clear focus on creating a single digital asset compounding the financial and social value sets of an entire global community as well as its ambitions to unify and the purchasing power of the global Afro-descendant community as some key differentiators in selecting them as a runner up of the category.

One of Ubuntu Tribe’s partners, Africa 2.0, is a Pan-African Civil Society Organization made up of a community of emerging and established African leaders who share a collective vision for Africa and a commitment to finding and implementing sustainable solutions that will drive forward the transformation of the continent. With a network of over 150,000 African youth, and 2,500 Leaders, Africa 2.0 will be a key vehicle driving the spread of Ubuntu Tribe across the world.

‘The African Banker Awards 2018’ is the most prestigious event in Africa’s banking and finance sector, which highlights the achievements of companies and individuals that contribute to the transformation and development of Africa’s financial sector. The Innovation in Banking Award goes to the company that has demonstrated original and practical uses of technology to provide customer convenience, improved and more affordable services, and greater access to the financial services industry in Africa.

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