Ubuntu Tribe conducts Blockchain Sunset get together to Welcome Mamadou Kwidjim Toure

Ubuntu Tribe conducted a get together with key members of the Blockchain community of Dubai to introduce its Gold project. The meeting allowed Mamadou K. Toure to give a detailed overview of the project while at the same time explore new technologies to use in the projects including:

  • Inter wallet operability and Identity Management with Andreas Tsindos CEO Mwan Mobile
  • Distributed Data Storage in Blockchain with Pekka Kelka CEO of Yotta Chain MENA
  • Smart Card Integration with Gold Tokenization with Marta Paiar VP from Tangem
  • Hospitality Integration with Blockchain with Jawad Riachi CEO of D-Liquid
  • Storytelling in Marketing with Dr. Petar Stojanov 
  • Investment Analytics with Ahmed Refaie
  • Water Impact projects with Matthias Shaikh Mende Social Influencer

The discussion continued into the late evening…

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